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Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Bootstrap Bootstrap Setup Bootstrap Containers Bootstrap Grids Bootstrap Tables
  • Bootstrap Buttons, Navbars, Alerts Bootstrap Carousel
  • Bootstrap Forms
  • Introduction to Angular Environment Setup Installing Angular CLI
  • Directory Structure of Angular Fundamentals Angular Building Blocks Angular Data Binding
  • String Interpolation Directives and Pipes Forms
  • Approaches (Driven & Reactive) Validators
  • Introduction to JavaScript How to Apply JavaScript 
  • Displaying Output in JavaScript Understanding JavaScript Syntax Variables & Datatypes Operators
  • Math and String Manipulations Conditional and looping Statements Functions
  • Validations
  • Events
  • What is Python and history of Python Unique features of Python
  • Python-2 and Python-3 differences Install Python and Environment Setup First Python Program
  • Python Identifiers, Keywords and Indentation Comments and document interlude in Python Command-line arguments
  • Getting User Input Python Data Types What are variables?
  • Python Core objects and Functions Number and Maths
  • Assignments
  • if-else
  • if-elseif-else while loop for loop break continue assert
  • pass return
  • Introduction Lists in Python More about Lists
  • Understanding Iterators Generators, Comprehensions and Lambda Expressions
  • Generators and Yield Next and Ranges
  • Understanding and using Ranges More About Ranges
  • Ordered Sets with tuples.
  • Introduction to the section Python Dictionaries
  • Python Sets Examples Input and Output in Python
  • Reading and writing text files writing Text Files
  • Appending to Files and Challenge Writing Binary Files Manually Using Pickle to Write Binary Files
  • Python user defined functions Python packages functions
  • Defining and calling Function The anonymous Functions
  • Loops and statement in Python Modules & Packages
  • Overview of OOP The self-variable Constructor
  • Types Of Variables Namespaces
  • Creating Classes and Objects Inheritance 
  • Types of Methods Instance Methods Static Methods Class Methods Accessing attributes
  • Built-In Class Attributes 
  • Destroying Objects
  • Abstract classes and Interfaces Abstract Methods and Abstract class Interface in Python
  • Abstract classes and Interfaces 
  • Errors in Python Compile-Time Errors Runtime Errors Logical Errors
  • What is Exception?
  • Handling an exceptiontry….except…elsetry-finally clause.
  • Argument of an Exception Python Standard Exceptions Raising an exceptions
  • User-Defined Exceptions
  • What are regular expressions? The match Function
  • The search Function Matching vs searching Search and Replace
  • Extended Regular Expressions Wildcard
  • What is multithreading?
  • Difference between a Process and Thread Concurrent Programming and GIL
  • Uses of Thread Starting a New Thread The Threading Module
  • Thread Synchronization Locks
  • Semaphore Deadlock of Threads Avoiding Deadlocks Daemon Threads
  • Using Databases in Python Python MySQL Database Access
  • Install the MySQLdb and other Packages Create Database Connection
  • CREATE, INSERT, READ Operation
  • DML and DDL Oepration with Databases Web Scraping in Python
  • NumPy
  • Introduction to NumPy Creating arrays Indexing Arrays
  • Array Transposition Universal Array Function Array Processing
  • Array Input and Output Matplotlib: Data Visualization Python for Data Visualization
  • Welcome to the Data Visualization Section Matplotlib
  • Pandas
  • Python GUI Frameworks
  • Form details
  • Page redirection Sending Emails
  • File uploading Cookie handling
  • Sending Emails GitHub , Bigbucket
  • Django overview
  • Creating a project Apps life cycle Admin interface Creating views URL Mapping Template system Models
  • Testing
  • Page redirection Sending Emails
  • File uploading Cookie handling
  • Sessions, caching and comments RSS,AJAX
  • Flask Framework & TkInter GUI Framework Overview of Flask Framework
  • Installation of Flask and Demo Application
  • Database handling with mysql python mysql database access create database connection
  • Dml and ddl operations with databases performing transactions
  • Handling database errors disconnecting database
  • Mongodb pymongo
  • Establishing a connection accessing database
  • Dml and ddl operations

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IBM Certification

The Masters in Full Stack Developer Course offers three modules: Python for Web Developers, HTML-based Web Development, and Java Fundamentals. These modules teach essential job-ready skills like Python, databases, data analysis, and more. The course are streamlined to help you easily crack the IBM certification courses. You’ll gain hands-on experience on the IBM Cloud, working with real-world tools and datasets. By the end of the course, you’ll have a portfolio of Full Stack projects, setting you up for a successful career in Full Stack Development.

AWS Certifications

In the Full Stack Development Course offered by Career Credentials, you will be equipped with the necessary skills to assist organizations in identifying and nurturing talent capable of implementing cloud initiatives. The course emphasizes the importance of becoming an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, as it demonstrates proficiency in cloud technologies and establishes a solid foundation of AWS knowledge. By obtaining this certification, you validate your expertise in the cloud domain and enhance your career prospects in Full Stack Development.

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Career Credentials provided a strong foundation for my full stack development career. The instructors were patient, and their industry connections led to multiple job offers before course completion.

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Best career decision! Career Credentials' curriculum was comprehensive and well-paced. The instructors were experts and offered outstanding post-course support. I secured multiple job offers within a month!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Fullstack Development involves the ability to work on both the front-end and back-end of web applications. It is important because it enables developers to create end-to-end solutions, ensuring seamless user experiences and efficient functionality.

In this course, you will learn essential languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for front-end development. You will also gain proficiency in back-end technologies such as Node.js and databases like MongoDB. Additionally, you’ll learn popular frameworks like React and Express.js for building robust applications.

The duration varies depending on individual learning pace and prior experience. However, our Fullstack Development course typically takes around 10 weeks to cover the core concepts and provide hands-on practice.

Yes! Our Fullstack Development course is designed for beginners and individuals from diverse backgrounds. Basic familiarity with programming concepts and a passion for learning are sufficient to enroll in the course.

Yes, our experienced instructors and teaching assistants provide support and guidance throughout the course. You will have access to live sessions, discussion forums, and one-on-one assistance to help you understand and overcome any challenges you may encounter.

Fullstack Development offers excellent career opportunities as it equips you with versatile skills in both front-end and back-end development. This opens up job roles such as Fullstack Developer, Web Developer, or Application Developer, and increases your chances of securing employment in the dynamic tech industry.

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