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Exam Curriculum

Our comprehensive 60-question assessment evaluates essential skills across three sections:

Section 1: Coding Fundamentals and Computer Basics (30 Questions) covers programming concepts, computer hardware/software, web technologies, and data structures/algorithms.

Section 2: Quantitative Math and Logical Reasoning (20 Questions) tests arithmetic, algebra, geometry, data interpretation, deductive/inductive reasoning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

Section 3: Coding Challenge (10 Questions) involves hands-on coding tasks in languages like Python, Java, or C++ to assess practical coding abilities.

This structured assessment ensures a thorough evaluation of core competencies for aspiring programmers and IT professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

CCAT is just an admission test for students to get a scholarship in our Full stack Course. Hence it is completely free!!

CCAT Exams would be online on our proctored exam portal with Anticheat Software

The exam will be conducted from 2nd June,204 to 12th June, 2024 for our 2024-25 batch. Exam can be attempted throughout the day.

The exam would be of 60 minutes with maximum time allotted to Coding Round.

Prerequisites include basic knowledge of Coding and Computer Science for passing the exams. But you need to cover everything from the Exam Curriculum thoroughly to crack the test for availing 100% discount.

Discounts are purely based on your CCAT scores. The higher you rank in our Exam Leaderboards the more chances you have of getting a complete waiver of your course fees. Students can expect a standard direct relationship of their probable discount to their score percentage

If students fail in this exam they can appear for next batch examinations as and when communicated by Career Credentials Team.